If you’re considering parenting, you’re likely wondering where to begin. Parenting can be challenging, and raising a child is a big responsibility. You may wonder whether you’re equipped to provide the life they deserve.

Choices Family Resource Center educates you on the parenting option and provides the necessary material and educational resources. This decision is daunting, but know you aren’t alone.

Could I be a Good Parent?

Parenting takes skill, determination, and strength. Raising children can be stressful, and you’ll need patience! But many parents believe this role affords a great deal of joy. Helping a child become a successful, happy adult is an important responsibility.

There’s much to consider with parenting. Ask yourself the following questions during the decision-making process:

  • Do I have the financial and material resources needed to be a good parent?
  • Will I have a strong support system?
  • Will the father of my child be involved in their life?
  • Do I live in a safe environment suited for raising a child?
  • What assistance might I need to parent?
  • What am I most concerned about with this option?

Speaking with other parents can also be an excellent resource, but remember, everyone’s journey is different. Children deserve and have a right to adequate food, clothing, shelter, and education. But they will also thrive on your love and guidance.

What Can You Offer Me?

Choices Family Resource Center offers comprehensive information on parenting. We won’t pressure you to make a specific decision and don’t profit from the pregnancy options you choose.

If you choose parenting, we offer the Earn While You Learn Program, which provides classes and material support, the latter of which is offered until your child turns two.

Our center offers no-cost maternity and infant supplies for parents, including maternity clothing, belly belts, diapers, and wipes. We also provide new car seats, cribs, and mattresses. We can also connect you to community resources that provide additional support and will walk alongside you during your parenting journey.

Make a no-cost, confidential appointment today to learn about your parenting option. We’re here for you!